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There’s No Contest! You Should Consider Writing Contest

For a long time, writing contests felt like something unattainable to me. This was mostly due to my opinion that contests were reserved for publications like Readers Digest or Publishers Weekly, where they were looking for “serious short stories” or the next American Novel.

There was no place for my silly romance novellas, and I didn’t really know what I would get out of entering a contest, except the inevitable rejection letter.

It wasn’t until I joined the Romance Writers of America, discovered their various local (and digital) chapters, and their writing contests that I realized there was a place for my stories.

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Read What Makes You Happy (A Life Lesson)



New Year, New Reading Goal.  I’m not someone who can tear through 100 books a year. I’m lucky if I can finish 50 books. Usually my yearly book reading goal rests between 40-50 books, split between novellas, audio books, anthologies, and the classic novel. This year my goal is 40 (when I surpass that number I feel VERY good about myself.)

I like reading, but sometimes it can feel like a chore. Especially when I’m trudging through a book I’m not enjoying.  The book seems to take ten times longer to read because I’m not enjoying it, and I’m too stubborn (I’ve already read 100 pages, what’s 100 more?) to stop. Which is why I have a motto that I have to remind myself whenever this occurs.

“Read the books that make you happy, put down the books that don’t.”

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