The Order of Olympus Series: Ancient Greece gave birth to the strongest, most heroic men the world has ever known, and they are still protecting us today. Join the immortal heroes and the women who love them as they continue to protect the modern world from gods and monsters.
Coming Soon: Holding Out For a Hero (Jan 2020) A hero cursed by the gods…  Once one of the greatest heroes Ancient Greece had ever known, Argos is a far cry from the immortal hero he used to be. After five hundred years of captivity, he is finally free—but a curse from a goddess has left him woefully mortal. In order to become a hero again, he’ll need the help of the gods and the seductive nymph who saved his life. The only woman who can help him…  Claire Winters is about to open her dream restaurant—and is definitely not a nymph the half-naked man she saved seems to think she is. Taking care of a delusional man while a storm rages is not what she planned. Yet, here she is. She doesn’t have time for the tall tales of her handsome rescue. When it turns out Argos’s claims are real, Claire finds herself thrown deep into a hidden and ancient world. Now, the two strangers must rely on each other to survive. Together they will face the gods, and the fiery attraction between them, as they work to reunite Argos with his ancient powers. Will strength and wit be enough to protect them? Or will love prove to be the most powerful weapon of all? HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO is the first novel in the ORDER OF OLYMPUS series. A sexy, action-packed romance series based on Greek Mythology and set in the modern world. Ancient heroes never looked this good.